The Perfect Escape

Our hotel has 5 rooms with private bathroom, bath or shower.
Use our swimming pool for refreshment and relaxation.
Please reserve your stay so that we can be there for you.
You can even use a hotel room during your stay at the Restaurant.OUR ROOMS

Just visit and stay

Why not come in the afternoon and enjoy the pool, or after a nice evening save the way home and rather sleep in the hotel, to start after a delicious breakfast again strengthened in the everyday life


Our Mission

With Mr. Bodo Hotel & Restaurant, we have created 10 Jobs for locals. We have offered proper working contracts as well as medical insurance coverage. We also mainly work with local suppliers and support other local business whenever we can.


Video Tour


Our History

We were looking for a new center of life and found this beautiful place.

  • 2022

    Launch of new Website

    With the launch of our new Website we also integrated a booking Plattform for easier reservations.

  • 2022

    Grand Opening of Feb 22nd

    After several months of renovation we were finally ready to open our doors for guests.

  • 2021

    Lease and Renovation

    After spending some time in Tanzania, we found this beautiful place, could agree one a lease and started a long and intensive renovation process. But the result was worth all the work and sweat.


My Books

I have written several books in the past years. Take a look and feel free to ask more about it when you visit us.
Dr. med. Bodo Schiffmann - Alles Schwindel?

Dr Bodo Schiffmann reveals everything – what is going on in one of the most renowned physicians, who was denigrated throughout Germany as a so-called “conspiracy theorist” and “inciter of the people” in the German mainstream media during the declared pandemic? Was it all a hoax, is it all a hoax? – Not only in his dizziness clinic, which was contacted by patients from all over the world until 2020?

Dr. Bodo Schiffmann - Weisheiten Tagebuch

A very personal, unique collection of sayings and wisdom from famous pioneers, which the family man Bodo Schiffmann wrote down by hand for his children, is now also available for you. A copy of the handwritten notes contains 300 pages of wisdom from Aristotle to Einstein, Goethe to Ghandi, Covey to Strelecky – this unique collection of the best and most helpful wisdom for a sincere, happy life was created by Dr. Bodo Schiffmann collected handwritten for his children. A high-quality, exclusively designed book, bound in imitation leather and with space and a pocket for your own notes – a loving book to discover, valuable life advice for yourself and at the same time a wonderful, original gift for people who like to be inspired by clever minds and still like to think for yourself.

Dr. Bodo Schiffmann - Due schlimmste und die beste Zeit meines Lebens

Until the Corona pandemic was declared, Dr Bodo Schiffmann was an internationally and medially sought-after expert on vertigo, ENT and emergency physician, until he began to take away people’s fear of corona using scientific facts. Even at the beginning reports on Covid-19, he knew that the media scaremongering and restrictions on people’s freedom were not in proportion to the viral disease. After research, he felt obliged to educate people, to take away their fear and to persuade politicians – some of whom were already demonstrably wrong about swine flu – to correct their position, especially since he considered the measures against the pandemic to be very dangerous.

Dr. Bodo Schiffmann - The best and the worst time of my Life

However, it did not remain with the one planned video, because his enlightenment was persistently and conspicuously ignored by politics and the media, but was responded to with repression by the authorities. Thus, he had to give up the joint outpatient clinic for vertigo, which was visited by tens of thousands of patients from all over the world, and had to leave his home country Germany with his family. But even this did not stop him from using his voice clearly for the medical facts instead of political-media strategies that were medically incomprehensible to him.